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Trail 123 HE UL Cook Set with Stove HP BR


Trail 123 is High Efficiency Ultra-Light Cook Set with High Performance and Breeze Resistant Stove for Backpacking and Camping use. Ultra-compact modular, stackable system allows for minimalist, solo 1P, 2P or 3P use depending on configuration. Fuel cannister and stove packs neatly inside the system for ease of carry.

  • Compact ultralight hard anodized aluminum cookware and stove set for backpacking camping and mountaineering
  • Fully nesting and modular design is ideal for field carry and use by 3 persons 2 person or one person in solo mode depending on the configuration to lessen carry weight
  • Set includes total of 4 pots - two heat exchanger pots and two regular pots which also double as covers and pans and 10,200 BTU breeze resistant stove
  • Super fast best in industry water boil times with HE Pots
    • 1 liter at 2 min 40 sec
    • 1/2 liter at 1 min 20 sec


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